How did COVID-19 affect dropshipping?

The Coronavirus outbreak has massively affected China. Chinese factories have been closed since the beginning of the Chinese New Year (January 25). If you depend on drop shipping from China, you’re used to this schedule. Generally, these factories close up a for a few weeks and then reopen. 

Many sellers don’t even stop selling during this period. They keep running ads and taking orders as usual. The factories open back up and begin shipping again. Everyone receives their orders and everyone gets paid. 

Unfortunately this year, the Coronavirus hit China during that time and factories couldn’t reopen. This has resulted in companies that dropship from China being hurt financially, both in the short and long-term.

How can we find better suppliers ? Can we locally dropship from Aliexpress or Alibaba?

A lot of suppliers from Aliexpress also have warehouses in different areas of the world mainly in : China, US, and other coutries in Europe.

Based on your selling locations, you will need to reach out to these suppliers and change your product offers so that you can dropship locally.

In this way, your customers will not be affected so much by delayed processing times and infernal shipping procedures.

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