Instagram Influencer Course
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✪ Online Framework

There are 3 components of any online business:

  • Your customers: A set of people who have a particular problem, which is your customer/audience.

  • Product: You need to have a solution for the audience in terms of product or service.

  • Traffic: (Most important component)

✪ What is influencer marketing?

The term “Influencer Marketing” take its boom level at the early 2017.

There are some products that were viral because of influencer marketing.

Case study:

One of the cool product from them is Fidget Spinner. 

A lot of us heard and got to know about this in 2017. But in fact fidget spinner was selling online since 2015. People were heavily selling it via Instagram in US, UK, Canada, Australia. This is because generally maximum of the product goes viral in Western country first, then it comes to other part of the world; and in Western country people use Influencer Marketing, primarily.

✪ Who is an influencer?

  • An influencer is someone with a huge following
Can be niche or general

  • Has a loyal following and raving fans

✪ Types of influencer

  • Niche v/s General
  • Fan Page v/s Personality


Niche Influencer vs General Influencer

Niche influencers are those who make content focused on a cluster of subjects inside the same main topic.

General influencers are those who transit between different topics and off-topics, even if they do have a main theme.

Niche influencers can be micro and big. Their range of subject is smaller, but their expertise is higher than that of general influencers. 


Fan Page vs Personality

Fan Pages are those which usually a page of famous celebrity or popular person, but operated under other entity, officially or non-officially. The person behind the operation is a Fan Page influencer.

Personality Influencer are those who usually promote their personal brand. They itself a brand. The usually have a set of loyal audience under their expertise niche. 

*In case of E-Commerce, Dropshipping or Print On Demand business model, we’ll use Niche Influencers. 

✪ How to check genuine influencer?

(Instagram engagement calculator)
An engagement of 5% is a good benchmark.

(Instagram followers checker)
If someone losing followers on a daily basis, don’t consider them as genuine.

✪ Steps to find influencer

Step 1: 
Find a page that has at least 50K followers.
Step 2: Check if the engagement is 5% or not. (Use Phalnx)
Step 3: Check followers it gained or lose in last few days. (Use SocialBalde) 

✪ Message Template



Hey, I love your content and the stuff you share.
I would like to get a shoutout.
Please share your pricing. 

Only after getting MESSAGE #1 response

Hey, that’s fine.
I would like to see your audience analytics as well.
Can you please share that?

Only after getting MESSAGE #2 response 

Hey, what are your best days and time?
Also, when do you have the next slot available? 

Only after getting MESSAGE #3 response

Hey, I like your analytics.
Let’s go with ____ slot on DAY at TIME.

Can we please do this for $10 as it is the first time we’re doing business together?

If this goes well, I’ll be happy to get more shoutouts. 


*This is the Version 1.1 of Instagram Marketing Course. The content may change time to time depending upon Facebook’s Algorithm; So kindly follow the latest version always.