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Why Facebook?

Facebook has some incredible sources to collect audience data

Messenger has 1.3 Billion monthly active users and tracking 35 Billion messages every single day
Instagram has 1 Billion monthly active users and 64% of them are of 19-24 are group
WhatsApp has 1.5 Billion monthly active users and tracking 65 Billion messages per day
Facebook has 2.5 Billion monthly active users and over 1.75 Billion loyal users update their activities everyday

How Facebook?

Facebook has some marketer driven process to generate leads using facebook marketing

Facebook Track & Store Algorithm
Facebook tracks each and every tiny activity of user and store in its database. It collects data from multiple sources like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp and Audience Network. The available user’s data use to target the audiences and generate leads for the advertiser.
Facebook Bucket System
Facebook has different different bucket system for multiple interests. So when people show interest in specific content, as per the Facebook algorithm, it put the person in the corresponding bucket of interest. Then when a marketer tries to target a specific interest of people, Facebook shows the ads to the specific category of people who are in the respective interest of bucket.
Facebook Audience Insight
We can say Facebook Audience Insight is a gift from Mark Zuckerburg to all the marketers. Audience insight allows the marketer to play around all the available information stored about the audience in the Facebook database, and to set up targeting accordingly.
Various Targeting Options
There are multiple options to target your niche audience. Like if you want to target people who are interested in Fashion and are of 18 – 29 age group, then Instagram is the best place to run ads and get most of the sales. We need to use diff. diff. campaign objectives and platform placements in order to get leads for diff. diff. Business industry.
Dynamic Re-targeting System
Finally, when Facebook experience some data in your Facebook Pixel, this is the stage when Facebook really start working for the campaigns more efficiently. Here marketer can re-target the audience in Facebook or Dynamically, for example, if someone visits your sales page and the ‘View Count’ Pixel is fired, you can retarget the same audience time to time, where ever the particular user goes online, Facebook will show him/her the particular re-targeting ad. This process increases the conversion drastically.

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How It Works

Your Brand Store
Your Brand Store
Customer make the purchase from your brand store, by the marketing strategy & materials we’ll provide you.
Order Fulfilment
Order Fulfilment
We’ll pack and ship directly to your customer with your selling price invoice and your branding.
You Make Profit
You Make Profit
The 200% ROAS strategic model. it means for every $1 you spend, you bring $2 of revenue.
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$99 / month

+ 20% of Sponsored Ad-spent

Upto 6 Marketing Campaign
3 Re-marketing Campaign
Advanced Funnel Creation
Optimized Ad Copy
10 Custom Post
10 Inspirational Quote Post
Upselling Setup
Weekly Campaign Audit
12/6 Standard Support

$395 / month

or 20% of Ad-spent (Whichever will be higher)

Upto 10 Marketing Campaign
5 Re-marketing Campaign
Advanced Funnel Creation
Optimized Ad Copy
30 Custom Post
30 Inspirational Post
Upselling Setup
Offline Event Usage
Real-time Campaign Audit
24/7 Premium Support

$995 / month

or 10% of Ad-spent (Whichever will be higher)

Upto 30 Marketing Campaign
15 Re-marketing Campaign
Advanced Funnel Creation
Optimized Ad Copy
60 Custom Post
60 Inspirational Quote Post
Upselling Setup
Offline Event Usage
Real-time Campaign Audit
24/7 Premium Support

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Best for large enterprises

Unlimited Marketing Campaign
Unlimited Re-marketing Campaign
Advanced Funnel Creation
Optimized Ad Copy
Unlimited Custom Post
Unlimited Inspirational Quote Post
Upselling Setup
Offline Event Usage
Real-time Campaign Audit
24/7 Premium Support

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Facebook Detailed Targeting Tool – Worth $299
Facebook Business Manager Setup – Worth $49
Facebook Pixel Integration – Worth $49
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Have a question? check these answers.

Does Facebook Ad really work?
It’s a perfectly reasonable question. Especially if you’re struggling to find the ads strategy that works best for you. But the short answer is- of course, they do.If you’re still struggling with getting your ads off the ground, ask yourself these questions- Who is my audience? Does my ad clearly tell my customer what I can offer them? Does my ad follow Facebook’s guidelines?
Does Facebook marketing works for any kind of business?
No matter which kind of business you’re running, if you think your audience might be using Facebook for any reason, then yes, you can target them through any sub-network for Facebook like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Audience Network.
Will Facebook help me to get sales?
No, Facebook is just a tool where you need to find out your targeted audience through their interest and tell Facebook that, “hey Facebook show my ads to the very specific audience, who are falling in the given interest.”
How much TIME Facebook will take to give sales?
This depends on the right targeting. If your targeting is relevant enough, then Facebook will take first 12-24 hours of launching a campaign to optimize the ad and sales come from the very next 24 hours.
How much MONEY is needed to start Facebook Ads?
You can start with $100 - $200 to analyze the states and taste the sales.

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