E-Com Brand PRO

Let’s get into the overview of 7 Day journey.

Day 1

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Shopify Sign-up*

1.3 Niche Selection

1.4 Brand Name Selection

Day 2

2.1 Domain Purchase and Integration

2.2 Essential Apps & Theme Installation:


Day 3 | 4 | 5 (Backend)

3.1 Store Setup

3.2 Logo Creation

3.3 Product Listing

Phase 1:

You will get access to 200-250 odd-numbers of tested winning products on your Amfasys Merchandise dashboard, where you will also get selling strategy, exact winning ad-set targeting data, Ad copy and Video ad-creatives for each and every product individually based on different  targeted locations as well. In-fact we have 2000+ product categories under 50+ trending niches, but initially, until your first 100 sales, you will only get access to 200-250 products of your selected niches. This is in order to avoid saturation in the market, we give access only up to 10 users to promote a single category of product. Once you will be crossing your very first 100 sales, more profitable and winning products will be enabled for your account.

Phase 2:

New winning products will be added to your store of the niche in which you will get your very first 50 sales. (Only after the initial promotional Facebook campaign setup by Marketing Accountability Manager and successful sales).

Day 6

4.1 Payment Gateway Setup

4.2 Pixel Setup and Integration

4.3 Auto-fulfilment Integration for Amfasys Marketplace Inventory Products

Day 7

5.1 Facebook Business Manager Audit

5.2 Facebook Promotional Campaign Setup for any 2 Products

7 days working process will be considered to be started only after successfully hand-over of your new store
credential inside the Ticket
 (Completion of Step 1.2).

* All the (Essential) mentioned Apps are mandatory to expreience sales.

Response & Live Communication Timing

Office Hours: 10 AM – 7 PM (Monday to Saturday)

Live Communication & Meeting Hour: 11 AM  6 PM (Monday to Friday)
Ticket Support Response Hour: 10 AM  7 PM (Monday to Saturday)